AlphaGenetics® 2013-2024

Research and Development Strategy

AlphaGenetics® has built an organization based on the last researches of world-class scientists with a talent for applying novel approaches to fulfill the desires of professional athletes. Our R&D strategy aims to align and engaging talents and prioritize investments, and seize scientific opportunities.
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Clinical Trials

Among the most important steps in the long and careful process to develop new products are clinical trials, where people volunteer to receive an experimental new cycles with drugs or procedure and be observed for its effects.

Providing high-quality AAS

At AlphaGenetics®, we continually invest in our manufacturing to strengthen our industry-leading capabilities and extend our global reach. Our commitment is to ensure that all our products are available and affordable for every professional athlete and every patient worldwide.
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Business & Development

Our Business & Development Team comes with a wide range of offers in contracts, to ensure that all of our contracting parties will get a safe and profitable deal. We support most of the popular payment and shipping methods such as Blockchain based Smart Contracts that has been available for payments lately or F.O.B and C.I.F for a safe and easy shipping.
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